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The Living Forest Institute's mission is to organize live public events and programs in Natural Forests that are in need of our attention and appreciation. 

These all-ages activities can include forest treks, outdoor sketching, live music, guided meditation, plant and bird identification, environmental art, forest bathing, storytelling, vision quests, yoga, nature photography, children's filmmaking and more depending on the available talent in each community. 

Our goal is that, through these activities, participants will develop stronger connections with key local forests and understand their importance in their communities’ and the world’s well-being. 

Natural Forests are defined as ecosystems evolved by natural processes and are not contingent on age to meet this definition.  For example, a forest that has regrown from a past disturbance, such as a wildfire, is considered a Natural Forest.  A forest that was previously logged and then replanted is considered a Tree Farm. Natural Forests have high to medium biodiversity, while a Tree Farm tends towards low biodiversity. 

It's these Natural Forests on which our coexistence depends, as they provide us a host of environmental services; including carbon sequestering, micro-climate regulation, oxygen producers, water storage and filtration, wildlife habitat, soil retention and regeneration, recreation and spiritual havens.  They need to be protected for the next 7 generations or else we are all in trouble. 


Here is your opportunity to learn a deeper knowledge through fun healthy experiences that our forests are willing to share with us. All you have to do is be willing to receive its wisdom. 

Join us in celebrating and experiencing Natural Forests by enrolling in one of our summer programs. We invite you to go deep into the woods and re-emerge afresh, inspired, and full of hope. 

The Living Forest Institute will work with environmental and community groups across B.C. to promote the protection of threatened forests through creative public participation.